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VBA Password Unlocker Tool

VBA project password breaker is a software that permits users to remove lost or forgotten password from .vba file. It is a simple, reliable and efficient solution to open encrypted macro file with any length password.

  • Crack lost or forgotten password from protected VBA file
  • Remove password from any VBA file: .doc, .dot, .xls, .mdb etc.
  • Capable of performing VBA password recovery for any length password
  • Delete old password and generates new password for all type
  • Reset multilingual VBA file passwords very easily in no time
  • Compatible with MS Office 2007 & all below versions

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VBA Password Cracker: Open Password Protected VBA Code

Data security is topmost priority of any user due to which users generally add a password to their important files. But, sometimes when a user tries to open any VBA file such as .doc, .dot, .xls, etc., it displays wrong input and the user is unable to open it. Therefore, in order to get access back to locked VBA file, it is important to remove password from VBA source code. Hence, to do the same, VBA password bypasser is the smart choice.

Significant Features of VBA Password Reset Solution


Recover VBA Password of Any Length

In order to break VBA project password of any length, one can go for this utility. It is the tool that unlock VBA password of any length in a perfect and reliable way. This solution is programmed in such a way that if the password is made up of multiple combinations and long in length, it removes it very easily.


Reset Lost/Forgotten VBA File Password

One can use VBA password cracker to remove lost or forgotten password from any type of VBA file. The software does not require any extra installation or information to eliminate the password from the inaccessible macro file. One just needs to upload the .vba file in the software and the tool will unlock the file automatically.


Allow Users to Bypass VBA Password

When a user tries to break the password from macro file, VBA password recovery tool auto generate a new password and replace the old lost or forgotten passwords. Hence, the utility comes with a double package, which first break the old password and then, creates a new password for future use.


Multilingual VBA Password Remover

Most of the time users set passwords that contain symbols, alpha-numeric characters, alphabets, numbers, or some special characters in it to make difficult for another user to crack. Therefore, to overcome such type of passwords that are multiple languages, one suggested to use this program. It unlocks all type of password from any type of VBA file without any issue.


Displays Complete Detail of Password Reset

As soon a user uploads the VBA and begin the password craking process, the software display the complete details of recovering vba password. It includes the whole process of removing the old password and resetting the new password for all type of VBA file. Apart from this, the user interface provided by the software is quite simple and easy-to-use and can be used by any user.


Unlock All Type of Password-Protected VBA File

The most significant feature of vba project password bypasser is that it remove password from any type of VBA file i.e. .doc, .xla, .xls, .ppt, etc. It is the tool that a user can use to recover password in just a few number clicks from any file and automatically generate new password that a user can change accordingly in future. Moreover, the software supports MS Office 2007 and all below versions.

Screenshots of VBA Password Breaker Tool

Watch How VBA Password Remover Software Works


Download Free VBA Password Unlocker

One can easily download the free version of the tool and rest lost VBA source code. It is really helpful in understanding how to bypass VBA password in case of inaccessible macro file. As it is free version so, display only first two characters of new password.

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Order VBA Password Recovery Online

In order to have full access to the software, it is suggested to purchase licensed version of the software. It will display all characters of password without any restriction. Moreover, after unlocking VBA file one can easily open in any MS Office application such as Excel, Word, Document, etc.

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Frequently Asked Question

No, the software does not support corrupted macro file. It eliminates password from only healthy VBA source code.
No, the VBA password breaker does not recover the old password. It removes the old password and auto-generate new password for VBA file.
Yes, the software easily unlock VBA file with multilingual password and of any length without any hassle.

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